Sunday 11 October 2009

HMR HIIT (Horse Manure Relocation High Intensity Interval Training)

Just like many others who part take in any amateur competitive sport. I have limited time to put towards training, more so for conditioning. As it’s not as enjoyable as the skills based training sessions. Also requires a higher level of motivation as seldom is it done in a group environment. My personal solution was to combine some manual labour required on my allotment plot and some HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

This is how HMR HIIT was invented. It allowed me to stock up on the horse manure just outside the allotment site and place it on my own plot. Armed with a wheel barrow and spade I jog to the manure site load up the wheel barrow and jog back pushing the loaded barrow. Tip out the barrow on my plot and hand over the barrow and spade to my brother who’d then do the same while I jog in front to ensure the narrow path way is free from by passers. After thirty minutes of this we relocate six wheel barrows full of manure. Great work out.

This morning we knocked up the first bed and the horse manure was shoveled on.