Tuesday 1 February 2011

Popping bones back into their place.

Five years ago while cycling to work I was hit by a van. after being x-rayed and given a prescription for pain killers I was released from hospital. When the swelling in my shoulder area had subsided I noticed my collar bone being out of place. I went to see a physiotherapist who recommended massage as a means of pain relief but stated surgery would be needed to correct the problem. I wasn't happy with the answer and decided to visit a chiropractor/ osteopath (can't remember which). 

At my first visit he examined my shoulder and collar bone. After some vigorous massage he just popped the displaced bone back into place. I was in awe at the instant non invasive cure. 

While rolling with larger guys, especially being stacked, I've had my ribs/ spinal vertebrae displaced at least on three occasions. 

The man I visited who worked his magic is Torben Herborg, located at the Central London Osteopathy and Sports Injury Clinics. 

Torben is a black belt Judoka, so he understands the vigour's of combat sport. Next time something feels out of place book a session with him.