Friday 21 September 2012

Returning to the mat after 2 months

Considering I've not done any form of constructed exercise for two months as I was travelling in India. For my first day back I did well.

This is not to be taken as me smashing everyone I faced to pieces. What I mean is I was tapped a few times by a purple belt and held my own with the rest. But most importantly at no point did I feel I was being rag dolled.

Now this could be due to the gang easing me back into the mat wars.

But I feel it is related to me stripping down my BJJ game and focusing on the fundamentals of good base and working for superior position over the last year. And cutting out the fancy comp stuff like inverted guard etc

I did enjoy my first roll back. For the next few weeks my only goals related to BJJ are to simply show for the sessions on time and with all my kit. And to enjoy it. Simples.