Thursday 8 December 2011

Coaching: Mr Quite now Mr Armbar

Had a really small group yesterday. Only four youngsters. So I asked them what they wanted to work on submissions or positions (yeah, they picked submissions). So I started showing the arm bar to omaplata to triangle to armbar drill. It didn't go down well at all. So decided we'll focus on armbar from guard, and that’s what we did, again and again. Machida didn't enjoy this and his long arms were really long levers for Mr Quite (now Mr Armbar) to clamp on some impressive (gruesome to view) armbars. Sparring also started right here. This allowed each of the young guns to field test what they'd drill against full on resistance.
Warm up: Rolling forward, backward, one Ginastica exercise
Technique: 1. Armbar from closed guard in detail. Drilled around 25 reps each, with tweaking every 5 reps.
Sparring: Starting position in closed guard, two on one grips, with legs locked over one shoulder (trapping arm and head). First to submit or a gain a Point scoring position wins. Every restart swap around.
Lesson I learned: Every lesson doesn't need to be high intensity or break neck speeds. Sometimes good old fashion drilling session followed by a very specific positional sparring session goes down very nicely indeed.
New rule instated: Those who came late and didn't put the mats out, they can put them away.