Thursday 13 October 2011

Best No-Gi Class I've taught to date.

Yesterday I was shattered, I walk out of Dalston Kingsland Station with idiosyncrasies similar to the Dustin Hoffman from Rain Man. I just couldn't focus. I down a mighty malt and two fresh figs. No lesson plan, no motivation, and mentally fatigued. But this ends up being the best session so far.

Warm up: Rolling forward, backward, tornado rolls
Drill: No-gi 101 drill (love this drill, and keep coming back to it)
Technique: 1. Kimora attack after peeling elbow during guard pass 2.Triangle attack from last set up

Sparring: x3 pairs on mats, winner stays on (positional, starting from closed guard) First to improve position which would score points in a comp gets you a win. I.e taking side, mount, back, sweep etc
submissions added 15 minutes in.
If I saw a key error, I'd cover very quickly what went wrong in a one to one then have them join back of que. This worked really well.

Quick Group Q&A (5min): How do I sweep from guard ? I demo the scissor sweep (adapted for no-gi)

Cool Down & Stretch (10-15min): Walking with focus on breath work to lower heart rate. Stretches focusing on groin, ham strings and calves.

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