Monday 7 January 2013

Day 1 on 30g Protein within 30min of waking

Might have just missed out on the 30min window today. Lesson learned, I've placed two frozen sausages in the fridge for tomorrow's breakfast.

On the bus to work as I type this. Breakfast was 90min ago. 2 eggs, 3 sausages and beans. Washed down with a coffee.

Also in the picture is my packed lunch and tea as I go straight to BJJ from work.

If while you're reading this your thinking I'll join this loony for this 2 week trial of having a fry up for breakfast. Here are some pointers.

Step 1 - Get into the smallest underwear you own. Have someone you trust (in my case my wife) take three pictures. Put your hands on your head. Pic1 face forward, pic 2 face to the side, pic 3 the back.

Print these and keep them somewhere you will veiw them everyday. Wallet, purse, fridge etc. They are for your motivational viewing alone. No one else need see them.

Why? We do more to avoid or reduce pain, humiliation etc then to obtain reward. So let us use this to our advantage.

Step 2 - Get onto some scales and record what you weigh. Bonus if you can measure your body fat percent.

Why? We need somthing solid to measure if the changes we've made are having an affect.

Step 3 - stock up on high protein breakfast foods. I highly recommend free range or organic eggs. Burgers and sausages with high meat content. And a high quality whey protein powder.

Why? Having these to hand will make for easier mornings. The protein powder is for those days when we run late. The free range or organic eggs will have much higher omega oils.

Step 4 - take a picture of each breakfast for at least a week. And post it in your blog or Facebook.


On average 5 consecutive sessions is all it takes to bring a new change into the norm.

Help needed, if you have and quick tasty recipes for a 30g breakfast. Please share them with me. I'm sure it's a matter of days before the fry ups start getting boring.

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