Thursday, 3 January 2013

Stepping it up, with baby steps

Allot is happening in my life at this juncture  What I feel I need is not to give more time to BJJ or exercise for that matter. But to have more focus on what I do with the time I currently give to to BJJ. I like what Liam Wandi has done with his approach to BJJ. He has a great blog, go check it out @ parttimegrappler he's all about getting the most out of your mat time.

During the holiday period I watched allot of inspirational documentaries and on-line presentations. One of them was by Tim Ferris about his finding from writing the 4 hour body (check out the presentation by clicking here)

Now he covers allot in this short presentation. What I really agree with him on is making small changes which have the biggest effects first.

So stage one of the game plan is to have Half Guard Steve (HGS) and Raf agree to pay a fine of the giant sum of £2 if any one of us doesn't show for the Wednesdays open mat session. All research shows we humans will do more to avoid a loss of £2 then to gain £2. Check the presentation out, Tim does a better job of explaining this.

So guys what do you say? If in agreement, commit in writing below. Was thinking the money should go to

I'm working through the 4 hour body and decide on stage two, and update soon.


  1. Its gonna make you more dedicated that's for sure. What will the fine be used for

    1. Person with least penalties, gets to pick a charity.

  2. many thanks for the kind words Bad :)