Monday 28 January 2013

Slow Carb Diet

Been a while since I updated people on my fat loss adventures. Last week I had decided to step up the fat loss regime. I moved on from the 30g protein breakfast. Which didn't drop any body fat for me. I was however eating my usual naughty snacks and treats during the rest of the day.

So as of Tuesday 22nd Jan 2013 I have been on the Slow Carb Diet. In summary it as follows.

1 No White carbohydrates (or anything that can be white)

2 Eat the same few meals over and over again

3 Don't drink any calories

4.No fruit

5.One day per week off (eat what ever you want)

For more info on the Slow Carb Diet, I'd recommend 'The 4 Hour Body by Timothy Ferriss'

Saturday was my cheat day and I went for it. I've logged my progress so far. I've not really lost anything significant in my first week on the Slow Carb Diet but I shall give it another week and see how it goes.

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