Tuesday 29 January 2013

Slow Carb Diet Food Log

0800 Breakfast
Multivitamin & glucosamine with a gulp of flaxseed oil (while pinching my nose) with a chaser of a tall glass of water.

2 organic eggs (scrambled) fresh coriander for seasoning
Half a can of red kidney beans (washed well) big hand full of spinach (from frozen) cooked in microwave and seasoned with vinegar
Little bit of smoked salmon (finishing the pack off)
Double espresso with a spoon of cream

Barley grass powder, psyllium husk, green tea extract powder, pinch of Rhodia Rosa (sp) all mixed in ice water (500ml)

I've been having this very regularly for a few years at about this time every work day

13:00 Lunch
Big mixed salad with red kidney beans. Olive oil, cider vinegar and whole mustard dressing
Big cup of Yerba Matte

I use the same Yerba leaves to rebrew about 4 cups over the next 4 hours

1/4 roast chicken with mix beans. Tall glass of soda water

Small handful of almonds.

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