Monday 21 January 2013

Day 13 & 14 on 30g Protein for breakfast

Day 13 I heated up a smoked kipper in a pan with some butter and then cooked some samphire. These were gifted to me from HGS and its the best kipper I've ever tasted. Sweeter then others, maybe Waitrose is worth the extra money. Thanks Steve

Day 14 eggs, mushrooms, French beans & smoked salmon.

So what do I weigh after my experiment. EXACTLY the same. In weight and body fat percentage.

Lessons learned: adding more protein and quality fats doesn't increase my body fat.

Next hypothesis to test. Removing simple / fast carbohydrate e.g. flour, rice and potatoes, fruit and sugars will result in decrease in body fat.

I will try this for two weeks.

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